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You’ve Had Plastic Surgery. Now What?

It happens. People have great results from their surgery (or CoolSculpting), and think they are done. So, they slip back into their old bad habits and start gaining weight again. We don’t want to see this happen to you!

Congratulations on the new and improved you! Plastic surgery is an investment, a very worthwhile one, so it is essential to take proper care of yourself throughout the recovery period and thereafter.

Some weight gain after surgery is normal, don’t worry. Our bodies tend to hold on to water after surgery, this results in swelling. It is common to notice your clothing fitting a little tighter or even an increase in number on the scales. Furthermore, you are instructed to take time off of work and exercise. This is good. Your bodies need time to recover.

However, gaining a little weight from the inactivity may soon follow. Again, no worries. This weight is usually minimal and comes off pretty quickly as the down time after most plastic surgery is only a few weeks. Don’t go hungry or push yourself too quickly to get back into your workout routine. Enjoy your down time.

Here are a few healthy lifestyle habits that can help you maintain your weight post op:

  1. Eat. Don’t starve yourself. A healthy diet not only allows you to maintain a healthy weight, but you will also feel better. Vegetables, fruits, lean meats and whole grains are all great options. Starving our bodies slows metabolism which in turn causes our bodies to hold on to excess fat.
  2. Drink. Staying hydrated keeps our internal organs happy and functioning properly. Water or electrolyte infused drinks are great for staying hydrated or rehydrating after a workout.
  3. Get Moving. After you’ve given yourself ample time to let your body recover, slowly ease back into physical activity. Do what feels comfortable.
  4. Group exercise classes. These are a great way to ease into the fitness world. Everyone is there for the same reason as you- to be healthy. Meet people, hold each other accountable and cheer each other on.
  5. Apps. My favorite app for tracking my daily intake of food and output of exercise is called MyFitnessPal. It can be used as a weight loss app, but it also allows you to keep a food diary. It tells you how many calories, carbs, fats, etc. you have consumed with each meal. Sometimes, simply seeing what we are putting inside our bodies is enough motivation to make some healthy lifestyle changes!
  6. Set Goals. Have something to work towards whether it be a 5k, some healthy cooking classes or trying that new kale dish at the farmers market.
  7. Enjoy the new you!
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