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Arm Lift

  • before and after arm lift photo Knoxville patient- before before and after pic arm lift Knoxville patient after
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    before_brachioplasty-arm-lift-knoxville before and after picture arm lift - Knoxville - after
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    Before & After Arm Lift- Having always struggled with her weight, this 23-year-old told us that her upper arms had always been out of proportion to the rest of her body. Then, she lost 50 pounds, which further exacerbated the situation. Her right arm was much worse than her left arm. Dr. Reath performed a brachioplasty and she was so happy to have that excess skin and fat go away!

  • before arm lift Knoxville plastic surgery after arm lift Knoxville
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    before arm lift Knoxville brachioplasty after arm lift knoxville
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    Before & After Brachioplasty (Arm Lift): She is 5’10” and weighs 240 pounds. Here is a 23-year-old who recently lost over 175 pounds through diet and exercise! With this weight loss, she had a significant amount of excess skin under her arms that bothered her when she was working out. Dr. Reath performed a brachioplasty and she is pictured here before and six months after her surgery.

  • beforearmliftleftback1660 afterarmliftleftback1660
    Before After
    beforearmliftfront1660 afterarmliftrightfront16660
    Before After
    beforearmliftrightback16660 afterarmliftrightback16660
    Before After
    beforearmliftrightfront16660 afterarnliftleftfront1660
    Before After

    Before & After Brachioplasty surgery: She is 5’3” and now weighs 138. Here is a woman who recently lost about 130 pounds after having gastric bypass surgery. She was very concerned with the appearance of her arms as a result of this massive weight loss. Because of the amount of excess skin that needed to be removed, Dr. Reath performed a bilateral brachioplasty. There is a remarkable improvement in the shape of her arms after her procedure and her incisions will lighten over the course of time.

  • beforearmliftrt front13024 after arm lift Knoxville
    Before After
    before arm lift Knoxville
    Before After

    Before & After Arm Lifts- Before and After Brachioplasty (Arm Lift)-  She is 5’6″ and weighs 145 pounds. Here is a 32-year-old woman who came to us with concerns about her arms after she had lost over 140 pounds. Dr. Reath performed a brachioplasty and she is pictured here 6 months later very pleased with the new contour to her arms.

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