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Lutronic Total Skin Solution

With this combination of state-of-the-art machines, Christy will design a treatment that addresses all of your skin care needs in one visit.

If you are seeing some laxity in your face and neck, but are happy with the quality of your skin, you’ll want to “Tighten” with a Genius RF Treatment.

If you have brown spots, overall redness or a dull complexion, you’ll want to “Tone” with an Ultra Laser Treatment.

If you want to address both laxity and pigment, you can choose to “Transform” and have a Genius RF and an Ultra Laser Treatment at the same visit.

It’s a Total Skin Solution, and we’re thrilled to be able to offer it to our patients.

Prices on the Genius RF, Ultra Laser and the Total Skin Solution

Tighten Tone Transform
Package of Three: Face and Neck $2,850 $1,500 $3,850

Add ons:

The Ultra Laser treats most aging and hyperpigmentation concerns on the chest and hands, so you’ll want to “Tone”. If you have deeper chest wrinkles (brinkles, we like to call them), we can do one Genius RF treatment and go from there.

The Genius RF Treatment goes up and around the orbital bone. To treat the delicate skin of the eye area requires a separate cartridge. Many patients find one treatment is all they need.

Tighten Tone
Package of Three: Chest $1,500
Package of Three: Hands $600
Eye Area Per Treatment $500


Single Ultra Face and Neck $500
Single Ultra Glow $350

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