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Best CoolSculpting Knoxville

How can you tell which CoolSculpting practice is the best in Knoxville?

More providers in Knoxville are offering CoolSculpting, a non-surgical fat reduction procedure based on freezing fat cells, also known in “medicalese” as cryolipolysis.

It’s been seven years since we we were the first practice to bring CoolSculpting to Knoxville. After seeing the patient results at the meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and talking to our colleagues in other cities who had the technology, we couldn’t wait to bring it to town. Our CoolSculpting patient reviews reaffirm the decision to be the first in Knoxville to have it.

With cool technology like this, it’s no surprise that other practices have started performing CoolSculpting in their offices as well. To quote Dr. Reath, “If it really works, sooner or later everyone is going to have it.” So how do you know which is the best practice for you to have your CoolSculpting treatment? Here are some things to consider:

EXPERIENCE Look for a practice that is “CoolSculpting Certified”.

We have the most experience and training to achieve the best possible results. Natasha CoolSculptingBecoming CoolSculpting Certified is an extensive process of physician and staff training, quality assurance monitoring and validation by the maker of CoolSculpting. We are the first practice in Knoxville to become CoolSculpting Certified.

Even though it is a non-surgical procedure, CoolSculpting is very technique-driven. There is a real learning curve before a provider really understands how to get the best results when treating patients. Our Elite Master CoolSculpting Technician Natasha Self has seven years experience performing the treatment, twice as long as anyone else in Knoxville.

Not only has our office performed the most CoolSculpting treatments in Knoxville, but Dr. Reath also flew Natasha to Dallas and Montreal to train for days with the top CoolSculpting practices in the US and Canada. Natasha is committed to being at the at the forefront of new CoolSculpting techniques. She is the only CoolSculpting provider in Knoxville to attend both the advanced CoolSculpting University in San Francisco and the elite CoolSculpting Masters Class. You will benefit from her added experience and all the best practices she learned from the experts.

TIME SAVINGS Look for a provider with two CoolSculpting machines- DualSculpting- to save time when treating two areas.

We have two CoolSculpting machines to save you hours. CoolSculpting procedures take between 35 and 75 minutes depending on the area. Pretty quick, right? But, if you want to treat both sides of your hips or both bra lines and your doctor only has one machine, you’ll be there for at least an extra hour (no longer in lunch break territory). That’s why we brought in two machines, instead of just one. It saves so much time, they even have a name for it….DualSculpting. Don’t spend the extra hour– treat both sides at the same time with two machines. All you have to do is sit back, enjoy the dim lighting, music and free wireless.

INVESTMENT IN NEW TECHNOLOGY Look for a practice who brings in all the latest CoolSculpting applicators.

We are the only office in Knoxville to have two of every CoolSculpting applicator, including the brand new CoolPetite, which was just FDA-approved for treatment of the upper arms. CoolSculpting frequently updates their applicators to shorten treatment times and maximize results on specific areas of the body. The applicators are quite expensive. Many practices try to get by with what they have, instead of focusing on what’s the best for their patients. We are committed to be the first to bring in the newest applicators so that our patients are assured of having the latest and greatest CoolSculpting treatments. Learn more about CoolSculpting applicators and the areas they treat here.

PRICING Get the best price from Premier Crystal Practices who have Brilliant Distinctions Points.

CoolSculpting-Premier-CrystalOur price is right. As a CoolSculpting Premier Crystal practice, we get the best prices on CoolSculpting cards to run our machines. Even better? We pass these savings on to our patients. You’ll find that our treatments are right in line with other practices in town, and for more than one treatment, substantially less.

Coolsculpting is priced according to how many cycles of the applicator you use. If you are treating the same area on both sides of the body (love handles, bra line, inner thighs, outer thighs or arms for example), that’s two cycles.

If you want two or more areas treated or one area treated more than once, it’s difficult to tell you exactly what it will cost before seeing you. Your best bet is to come in for a free consultation and we will work out a CoolSculpting plan that meets your individual goals.

To give you a general idea, this is the price range, with the lowest price being just one treatment on a single area.

CoolSculpting Price Range
$750 – $3750

You’ll Earn Reath Rewards

For every dollar you spend on products and all non-surgical procedures including CoolSculpting, you earn points towards special discounts designed exclusively for Reath Rewards members.

You get to choose how to use your points when it is convenient for you. And your points never expire.

Here’s how it works. There are three levels of savings. When you reach a level, you have a choice of using your points for discounts or saving them to get to the next level.

Points Required Discount on Your Next Visit
Level One 750 points $50
Level Two 1,500 points $200
Level Three 3,000 points $500

Double-dipping encouraged! These discounts can be combined with your Brilliant Distinctions coupons.

Allergan’s recent purchase of CoolSculpting has turned out to be a financial windfall for our patients. They just announced that they have incorporated the non-surgical fat reducing treatment into the Brilliant Distinctions program. Not only can you use your BD points towards discounts on CoolSculpting treatments in our office,  you’ll also earn 200 BD points per CoolSculpting treatment cycle to redeem later.

FULL PERSPECTIVE Pick a Board-certified Plastic Surgeon who understands all the body contouring options available.

We have other options if you are not a candidate for CoolSculpting. We are big fans of the CoolSculpting procedure, but are also the first to tell you that it is not for everyone. For patients with loose skin, removing underlying fat can actually make things look worse, not better. Does your provider really understand everything that can be done to treat your area of concern? The answer: probably not if you are at a dermatologist or a medi-spa. After all, as Dr. Reath is fond of saying, “When all you have is a hammer, the whole world is a nail.” As a plastic surgeon’s office, we understand that CoolSculpting is just one tool in a body contouring toolbox, not the only option. If you’re not a good candidate for the procedure, we won’t do it. Instead, we’ll direct you towards something that will give you the results you want, so that you can make an informed decision about what’s right for you.

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