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Breaking News: We just received two brand new CoolSculpting CoolSmooth applicators which are FDA-cleared to treat the outer thighs. This is an area we had been unable to treat previously. This applicator is different than the other CoolSculpting applicators. Because there is no suction involved, the procedure takes longer. From the photos of the results we have seen, it’s going to be one of our most popular procedures..ever. We’ll keep updating you as we know more.

Cool Media Coverage

Lori Tucker from WATE News followed one of our patients during her recent CoolSculpting procedure. If you’re thinking about CoolSculpting, you’ll want to watch this.

It’s not just our local Knoxville news who is getting excited about the new Coolsculpting treatment from Zeltiq. It has been getting plenty of attention in the national media. Here are just a few.

People’s List gets CoolSculpting

Here is a great overview of Coolsculpting by Zeltiq along with charming Australian accents on Today Tonight from down under.

How excited is E! about Coolsculpting? Check this out.

ABC’s Nightline goes to Harvard to discuss the science behind Zeltiq’s Coolsculpting.

CoolSculpting  is also featured in these major magazines:

Helpful CoolSculpting Resources:

Introducing Natasha Self, Certified CoolSculpting Technician

CoolSculpting Technician Natasha Self Knoxville
We are so lucky to have found Natasha. She has been working in our office for three years, but every day we wonder how we ever managed without her. Quietly effective and totally charming, Natasha takes care of all of our CoolSculpting patients and is completely in charge of managing Dr. Reath’s busy surgical calendar. Her expertise has been honed by over 13 years in the healthcare industry, so she doesn’t scare easily.

Experience and training matter in this arena. Even though it is a non-surgical procedure, CoolSculpting is very technique-driven. There is a real learning curve before a provider really understands how to get the best results when treating patients. Not only has Natasha performed the most CoolSculpting treatments in Knoxville, but Dr. Reath also flew Natasha to Dallas to train for days with the top CoolSculpting practice in the country. Natasha is the only CoolSculpting provider in Knoxville to attend the advanced CoolSculpting University in San Francisco. You will benefit from her added experience and all the best practices she learned from the experts.

“I’ve always been such a people person, and helping both patients and Dr. Reath has been very fulfilling. Our patients’ excitement after they see the amazing results from their CoolSculpting treatments makes me excited too. It’s definitely one of the best parts of my job!”

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