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For years Knoxville patients have been insisting that we find a way to get rid of sun spots, broken capillaries, facial hair, body hair and redness from Rosacea. We heard you loud and clear but did not have any effective options for these conditions…….until now. So if you have been wondering…XEO_new

  • Can we remove the brown age spots on your face, hands and body?
  • Can we rejuvenate your skin with absolutely no downtime?
  • Can we make the overall redness in your face go away?
  • Can we make your broken capillaries disappear?
  • Can we remove your unwanted facial and body hair permanently?

Yes, We Can!

Cutera_Logo_Color_webOur Cutera Xeo laser gives us the flexibility to treat all of these conditions and more. We chose Cutera because of their stellar reputation, their advanced technology and their ability to combine the best of both Laser and Intelligent Pulsed Light in one innovative machine.

One Extraordinary Machine. Five Remarkable Treatments.

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