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Limelight IPL Treatment for Dark Spots

Great for: Brown spots, freckles, red spots and uneven skin pigment
Not for: Treating fine lines
Finally there is something that really works on hyperpigmentation. Our LimeLight IPL Treatment can treat your individual pigment changes like brown age spots; it can also treat widespread blotchiness, freckles and red spots. It’s also very effective for improving uneven skin tone.

A LimeLight IPL Treatment uses light to correct the pigment in the layers of your skin to reduce discoloration and promote a more even skin tone. LimeLight treats specific areas without abrading the skin’s surface.  If you have specific spots treated, they will darken immediately and begin to flake off naturally within one to three weeks to reveal clearer skin.

Before & After Photos

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.
  • ipl ipl-after
    Before After

    Before & After Limelight Treatment- Here are photographs from our Reveal camera of a 33-year-old woman who wanted to erase the hyperpigmentation and freckles on her face. She had three Limelight IPL treatments over a period of 5 months. What a difference!

  • jmbefore jmafter

    Before & After Limelight IPL: Notice how well Limelight IPL works to erase Jill's sun-damage and age-spots.

Anyone with a light or medium color skin may be a candidate for LimeLight IPL, but those with darker skin tones may not.  We will assess your particular skin type and let you know if you’re a candidate when you come for your consultation. If you have tanned skin or plan on being out in the sun, you should not have Limelight, (but you can have Laser Genesis and laser hair removal.) In fact, many people schedule their Limelight treatments in fall and winter to erase the sun-damage from the previous summer.

Treatment time varies according to the size of area you are having treated, but one treatment typically ranges from 5 to 30 minutes. During your LimeLight procedure, you may feel a series of brief pinches, similar to a rubber band snapping, but no local anesthesia or pain medication is necessary. There is no need to interrupt your normal routine.

The amount of treatments recommended will depend on what you are having treated.  Typically three to five treatments can provide significant clearance.  When you come in for your consultation, we will give you information tailored to your particular needs and skin condition.

The improvement in the areas treated is permanent but over time new spots may appear, as a result of new sun exposure and the ongoing aging process. You can always have it retreated but there is a good way to protect your results. Dr. Reath explains how in this recent Truth-O-Meter Tuesday video.

LimeLight IPL Treatment Pricing

LimeLight IPL Treatment of the Face

Per Treatment Package Options Package Savings
Face $350 Package of 3 Treatments $890 $160
Package of 5 Treatments $1,400 $350

* Most patients only need three treatments on the face.


LimeLight IPL Treatment of the Body

Area Per Treatment
Neck $175
Chest $250
Face, Neck and Chest $450
Hands $125
Arms $275
Arms and Hands $1,560
Half Arms $175
Half Arms and Hands $250
*Spot Treatment* Starts at $50

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