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New Neck Treatments

Two Nonsurgical Treatments: CoolMini and Kybella

The neck is an area that everyone seems to be focusing on these days. It’s really not that surprising given the modern day compulsion of looking down at handheld devices several times a day.

Video conferencing also has a big impact. Both men and women are telling us that they are much more aware of their appearance because of using programs like Skype. (And really, does anyone look their best using facetime on their iPads? Not that we know of.) There is even a new industry term for the increase in neck wrinkles and double chins as a result of spending so much time gazing down at our cell phones. It’s called “tech-neck”. Even teenagers are getting wrinkles prematurely as a result.


Get Rid of Double Chin

Since chin- and neck-fat dissatisfaction afflicts 68% of the population, we know there are many folks out there eager to learn more about the two new non-surgical options available to treat submental fat and fullness. (Submental is “medicalese” for under the chin.)

Both Kybella and the CoolMini are FDA- approved, but the way each works is very different. Kybella is an injection and the CoolMini addresses fat by freezing it.

Important Note:

If you do have significant excess skin with loose platysmal neck bands, neither of these procedures will address these concerns. In fact, reducing fat on the neck and under the chin would make it look like you have even more excess skin.

You are most likely a candidate for a necklift, which includes removing excess skin and fat of the neck and recontouring the neck muscles. If you’re concerned about your jawline, a facelift also addresses the sagging jowls which drop down into the neck area.

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Helpful CoolSculpting Resources:

Introducing Natasha Self, Certified CoolSculpting Technician

CoolSculpting Technician Natasha Self Knoxville
We are so lucky to have found Natasha. She has been working in our office for three years, but every day we wonder how we ever managed without her. Quietly effective and totally charming, Natasha takes care of all of our CoolSculpting patients and is completely in charge of managing Dr. Reath’s busy surgical calendar. Her expertise has been honed by over 13 years in the healthcare industry, so she doesn’t scare easily.

Experience and training matter in this arena. Even though it is a non-surgical procedure, CoolSculpting is very technique-driven. There is a real learning curve before a provider really understands how to get the best results when treating patients. Not only has Natasha performed the most CoolSculpting treatments in Knoxville, but Dr. Reath also flew Natasha to Dallas to train for days with the top CoolSculpting practice in the country. Natasha is the only CoolSculpting provider in Knoxville to attend the advanced CoolSculpting University in San Francisco…twice! You will benefit from her added experience and all the best practices she learned from the experts.

“I’ve always been such a people person, and helping both patients and Dr. Reath has been very fulfilling. Our patients’ excitement after they see the amazing results from their CoolSculpting treatments makes me excited too. It’s definitely one of the best parts of my job!”

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