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Breast Augmentation – A Girlfriend’s Guide

Ok ladies, if you’re like most women considering a breast augmentation, you probably have lots of questions. More than likely you’ve talked to some friends as well as doing plenty of research online. We know how quickly the information and opinions can get pretty overwhelming so we thought you would appreciate some straight talk from girlfriends in the know…us.RealSelf Top Doc Breast Implants

That’s why we got together and decided to write this brand new ebook with 37-pages of everything you need to know about breast augmentation… plus some fun stuff to lighten things up! Chapters about augmentation surgery are educational yet entertaining – such as:

  • What to Look for in Before and After Photographs
  • 8 Important Tips to Getting Your Size Right
  • The Great Cleavage Confusion- It’s Not About Size
  • 10 Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon

Whether you end up choosing Dr. David Reath in Knoxville, another Board-certified plastic surgeon, or decide a breast augmentation isn’t for you, we think the pages in this guide will be super helpful. If they are, please pass this along to another girlfriend.

Here is your link to the Girlfriend’s Guide:

Download girlfriend's guide to breast augmentation

This is really cool. Our “Girlfriend’s Guide to Breast Augmentation” has not only turned out to be a big hit with our patients, it was honored with 2 Magnum Opus Awards and profiled in Entrepenuer Magazine for excellence in content marketing. With this award, our practice joins the ranks of fellow award-winners Disney, Lexus, Apple, Google and United Airlines.

Breast Augmentation: Helpful Pages On Our Site

Guess who the American Society of Plastic Surgeons interviewed when they produced their podcast on breast augmentation?
icon-podcastDr. Reath and one of his patients!  If you or someone you know is considering breast augmentation, you’ll want to hear the “Today in Plastic Surgery” podcast. Click on the podcast icon to listen.

In this twenty minute podcast:

  • Dr. Reath discusses various breast augmentation options, what to expect during the consultation with your surgeon, and safety and recovery issues to consider.
  • A patient of Dr. Reath’s describes her reasons for having the procedure, how she prepared for her consultation, and how long it took to return to her normal daily routine.

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