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Plastic Surgery Planner – Download

In the 40 pages of our helpful eBook, we drill down into the nitty gritty of how to prepare for your plastic surgery, and what to do to recover well and quickly.

Dr. Reath explains why the Plastic Surgery Planner is a must-read. “I am fond of telling my patients that surgery is a team sport. While the patient may be the star player, he or she is supported by a team consisting of their caregivers, well-wishers and family, me and my office staff, and the staff of the hospital or surgery center. And like all successful endeavors, careful planning is key for a victory on game day. When it comes to surgery this is all about preparing for both the operation, and the recovery.”

Think of this Plastic Surgery Planner eBook as your playbook. It is good for you to read it well ahead of your surgery, and to share it with the members of your team who will be helping with your recovery. Just click on the link below to get your free download.


There is a lot of very good information in the Plastic Surgery Planner eBook, and it is primarily intended for my patients. However, much may apply to patients of other plastic surgeons who are also planning for surgery. However, these folks are not my patients and thus I cannot and should not give the specific advice about their surgery. Always consult your plastic surgeon for issues regarding your surgery.”

Dr. David B. Reath




David B. Reath, MD



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