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Ready for Plastic Surgery? Questions to Ask Yourself

How to Know if You Are Ready for Plastic Surgery

Whether you are considering having surgery with Dr. Reath, Dr. Walker, or another plastic surgeon, you’ll have a lot to think about. Even though the majority of cosmetic surgery patients are pleased with their results, the decision to have a procedure is a big one. It is normal to have questions, and it’s important to answer them honestly. In the end, you want to be completely comfortable with your decision.

So, are you clear about your motivations for surgery? Are your expectations realistic? Are you really ready for plastic surgery? Test yourself by answering these important questions. (Remember. The more honest you are, the more insight you’ll have.)

Am I Ready for Plastic Surgery?

Am I choosing to enhance my appearance for me?
I know that others may support me, but no one is pressuring me.

Am I realistic about the results of the surgery?
I understand that cosmetic surgery can improve my appearance, but it cannot change my life.

Do I fully understand and accept the potential risks associated with my procedure?
I know that there are no guarantees and the results of my treatment may be permanent. I have been (or will soon be) given informed consent documents and pre- and post-procedure instructions.

Am I in good shape physically and emotionally?
There are no underlying health disorders or mental health conditions I have not disclosed to my surgeon.

Can I afford this?
I can afford all the costs of surgery, including non-monetary costs such as the time to recover.

Why is now the right time for my surgery, rather than a month or a year ago, or, conversely, a month or a year from now?
The timing fits my schedule. I have not been offered special incentives to schedule and I am not feeling pressured to commit to a plan before I am ready for plastic surgery.

Am I completely comfortable with my surgeon and the staff in his office?
My surgeon spent time with me, answered my questions and recommended a surgical plan that is designed to achieve my stated goals. The staff is friendly, helpful and supportive. I don’t feel like just a number.

Do I still have any questions/fears that have not been addressed?
If so, you should have them addressed before you are ready for plastic surgery.


Once you’ve worked through the questions, you may want to talk about them with a trusted friend or family member and certainly with your plastic surgeon. After all, you and your physician will make the final decision about your surgical plan. Realistic expectations will better prepare you for surgery, and a prepared patient makes the best recovery.

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