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To Our Friends in Johnson City

Good plastic surgery requires some shopping around. Here in Knoxville, Dr. David B. Reath and Dr. Jessica V. Walker see plenty of men and women from Johnson City who have chosen to make the trip because they believe Dr. Reath or Dr. Walker is the best fit for their procedures. We strive to provide service and results that are worth traveling for.

Wherever you’re located, we’re here for you. Request a Consultation online, or give us a call today at (865) 450-9253 to learn more about your procedure of choice.

An Easy Commute

Just west of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Johnson City is a destination unto its own. But if you’re planning a plastic surgery procedure, you may have your own reasons for wanting to head to Knoxville — whether it’s discretion, proximity to a major medical center, or simply our beautiful scenery. We see a lot of out-of-town patients from near and far, and we’re well-versed in predicting the needs of these men and women. Just over 90 minutes down I-81, we think you’ll find the trip well worth it.

Brand New Techniques, Old-Fashioned Service

Since 1986, Dr. Reath has been refining his techniques and exploring new technologies to incorporate into his practice — and that work continues. Similarly, Dr. Walker merges her skill in complex surgeries and advanced techniques with delivering compassionate, focused care to her patients. Today, they incorporate some of the most exciting innovations in aesthetic medicine while still leading with friendly, old-fashioned service that’s not too common anymore.

Dr. Reath, Dr. Walker, and their staff believe that plastic surgery is far more than a business transaction. As our testimonials will tell you, Dr. Reath’s and Dr. Walker’s patients are often patients for life. We pride ourselves on forging real connections with people and getting to know our patients as friends. Learn more about what makes a visit to our office so special.

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Treatment for Every Body

We’ve been in business long enough to know that there’s simply no such thing as a “typical” plastic surgery patient. We’ve seen patients from across the spectrum of ages, body types, ethnic backgrounds, and professions. Whether you’re a full-time mom who wants to do something for herself or a working professional who wants to stay competitive and younger-looking, every patient is a new experience — and we’ll do our very best to help you achieve your goals.

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