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Out of Town Patients

Finding a surgeon who offers the results that you want, as well as giving you the personalized, compassionate care you will need, could cause you to look outside your own community. You may want to consider traveling here to Knoxville, Tennessee for your plastic surgery.

Many patients from outside the Knoxville area choose Dr. Reath. As you might expect, some are from rural communities that don’t have local access to a board-certified or board-eligible plastic surgeon. However, most come from major metropolitan areas attracted by Dr. Reath’s national reputation, our reasonable surgical fees and the friendly southern hospitality.

Knoxville is a charming university town bordering the Smoky Mountains. We have high-quality hotels and lots of things to do while you are here. We can recommend a fantastic new hotel that is close to our plastic surgery practice in Knoxville, as well as restaurants, shopping areas and other attractions.

Because of our central location, we are within eight hours drive to a large portion of the United States. Plus, virtually all major airlines offer service to Knoxville. We welcome patients from all over the world and make it a point to help you plan and coordinate your surgery. We especially welcome members of our armed services and are honored to help you arrange your surgery during your next military leave.


If you are needing a place to stay when you are in town for your consultation and/or surgery, we recommend the Hilton Garden Inn Knoxville Papermill Drive. It’s brand new, has special rates for our patients, and is conveniently located just a block away from our office.

For the Hilton Garden Inn, just click on this link to make your reservation with the “David B. Reath, MD” rate.

There is also a very nice Marriott Courtyard nearby. You may call (865) 690-7680 and be sure to mention you are with Dr. Reath’s office and would like the medical rate, which is 15% off.


Traveling to Knoxville For Your Plastic Surgery

All things being equal it is better for you to find a plastic surgeon in your own area. This will be much easier for you during your recovery and follow-up. However, we know that there are exceptions.

Planning long-distance plastic surgery is much more straightforward if you can make a short trip to Knoxville to have your consultation with Dr. Reath. If you are lucky enough to have ties to the Knoxville area, that’s even better.

If you live so far away that making two trips is wildly impractical, it may be possible to schedule your surgery in advance of your consultation. But it requires a lot of careful planning beforehand, so it’s not the right decision for everyone.

As you can imagine, the simpler the procedure and the healthier you are, the more likely we are to be able to schedule your surgery prior to your initial consultation with Dr. Reath. If the procedure is more extensive or you have some health concerns, it becomes more difficult to plan a surgery until Dr. Reath has a chance to meet with and evaluate you in person. This may require a separate consultation trip before your surgery. In these more complicated situations, working with a plastic surgeon closer to home is probably the best decision for you.

In addition to making sure you are the proper candidate for your surgical procedure, you’ll need to understand the requirements for recovery. After all you’ll be staying in Knoxville with someone to take care of you until you are well enough to travel without complications.

Traveling For Plastic Surgery: When It Does (And Does Not) Make Sense

Let’s play a little game. What do Guam, Memphis, Africa, Nashville, Chicago, Atlanta, Dubai, Canada, and South Carolina have in common? Believe it or not, plastic surgery patients have come to Knoxville, TN, from all of these places to have surgery with me. You’re probably wondering why someone would travel so far to have plastic … Read more »

Here’s What You Need To Know

Normally we go through all of this information with you during your consultation. If you’re wanting to do everything all in one trip, here’s a helpful checklist to give you a general idea of what the process of scheduling surgery long distance looks like.

Long Distance Surgery Scheduling Checklist

  • Your first step is to download and read our free eBook The Plastic Surgery Planner cover to cover. This will give you a lot of great information about recovering from plastic surgery so you’ll better understand what to expect.
  • To get the ball rolling, please fill out the new patient paperwork and medical history forms completely and thoroughly. Return them to us along with photos of the areas you are concerned with front and side view. You can send them to us by email, or by regular mail if you prefer. Our Patient Care Co-ordinator, Natasha, will assist you with your photos. Her email address is [email protected]
  • Once Dr. Reath has a chance to review your information, he will let us know if he needs anything additional and if we should proceed with dates.
  • Please supply us with your hometown physician’s contact information so that we can discuss your recovery needs with your doctor. You will also want to consult with your primary care physician before coming to Knoxville so that any labs or necessary tests for medical clearance can be obtained.
  • If Dr. Reath feels it is appropriate to proceed with scheduling your surgery, we will discuss dates. A $500 deposit is due at this point to secure your chosen time.
  • We’ll schedule a pre-op phone conversation approximately a month before your surgery date. During your telephone pre-op call, you’ll get to discuss what to expect the day of your surgery and your initial recovery in great detail. In preparation, we’ll email you paperwork, consents and additional information to go over during your pre-op phone call.You’ll then sign and return the consents to us that day.
  • Your remaining surgery balance is due at the day of your telephone pre-op call.
  • Plan on being in Knoxville 1-2 days ahead of your procedure for your consultation and to wrap up any final details. Depending upon the procedure, you and your caregiver will need to be prepared to stay close to our office for a minimum of 7-10 days so that your progress can be monitored.

****It’s required that you bring a friend or family member with you to Knoxville so you will have someone to take care of your needs during recovery. You can’t be by yourself immediately after having surgery.

If that doesn’t work for you, we do have an After Care Service that we work with. But again, this makes the whole process more difficult for you, the patient. We will need to discuss the details with you during your pre-op phone conversation to ensure your safe recovery.

Contact Dr. Reath’s Office

Dr. David Reath answers all of his e-mails personally.
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Ask Now

For more information on arranging your surgery and what to expect when you arrive, please contact Natasha, our Patient Care Coordinator.

  • Our Toll Free Phone Number is 1-866-732-8401.
  • Natasha’s email address is [email protected]
  • Our fax number to send us your completed forms is (865) 450-9949.
  • Our mailing address is 109 S. Northshore Drive Suite 101 Knoxville, TN 37919

We look forward to meeting you, and welcome to Knoxville!

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