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* Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

Muffinator (Abdominoplasty with Hip Roll Excision)

Case 1320
Case 1053
Case 1294
Case 1348

Buttocks Lift (Butt Lift)

Case 1230
Case 1003
Case 1236

Neck Liposuction

Case 1233
Case 1234
Case 1292

CoolSculpting CoolMini Treatment for Double Chin

Case 1358
Case 1354
Case 1355
Case 1324
Case 1299
Case 1342

CoolSculpting CoolMini Treatment to Underarm Puffs

Case 1323
Case 1353

Neck Lift

Case 1004

Laser Vein Treatment

Case 1110

Limelight IPL Pulsed Light Treatment

Case 1166

Laser Genesis

Case 1165


Case 1228


Case 1365

Body Lift for Men

Case 1277
Case 1338
Case 1215

Correction of Gynecomastia (Male Chest Reduction)

Case 1360
Case 1065
Case 1120
Case 1067
Case 1168
Case 1337

Liposuction for Men

Case 1226
Case 1065
Case 1067

Tummy Tuck for Men

Case 1277
Case 1112
Case 1338

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