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CoolSculpting CoolMini Treatment for Double Chin Photos

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Before Case 1358 After
Before CoolSculpting Treatment to Double Chin After CoolSculpting treatment to double chin

Case 1358

Here is a 48-year-old woman who was concerned about the contour of her double chin. CoolSculpting Technician Natasha Self used the CoolMini applicator overlapping it to treat her neck in two cycles on the same day. She is pictured here two months after her procedure thrilled with her results.
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Before Case 1354 After
Before CoolSculpting Mini TN After CoolSculpting Mini TN

Case 1354

Here is a 54-year-old woman pictured before and four months after just one CoolMini treatment to her double chin.
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Before Case 1355 After
Before CoolMini Neck Aftter CoolMini Neck

Case 1355

Here is a 39-year-old woman before and after two CoolMini treatments to her double chin. She is pictured here 4 months after her second treatment. Despite a small weight gain, her chin shows drastic improvment.
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Before Case 1324 After
Before CoolMini to the Neck After CoolMini to the Neck

Case 1324

The double chin is an area that we could not treat with CoolSculpting until the CoolMini applicator. These applicators are designed specifically to fit small areas such as the chin. Here is a 59-year-old woman before and after two CoolMini treatments to her neck. 
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Before Case 1299 After
Before CoolSculpting Chin After CoolSculpting Chin

Case 1299

She had two treatments one month apart. Here is a 55-year-old woman before and one month after her second CoolMini treatment to her double chin. She can expect to see final results in another month or so but she was so excited, she wanted her after picture taken right away.
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Before Case 1342 After
Before CoolSculpting to double Chin Knoxville after CoolSculpting to double chin Knoxville

Case 1342

Here is a 46-year-old woman who struggled with a double chin all of her life. She is pictured before and after just two CoolMini treatments to correct a double chin. 
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