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Breast Reduction

Many of Dr. Reath’s happiest patients are Knoxville women who have had breast reduction surgery! Most of them we talk to have back and shoulder pain from the weight of their breasts and have trouble exercising as well as finding clothes that fit. A breast reduction can help.

The goal of the operation is to reduce the breasts to a size more in proportion with the rest of a woman’s body. Once they are the desired size, Dr. Reath gives them a lift as well. There are different techniques Dr. Reath uses depending on the size of the breasts to begin with. There will be incisions on the breast itself but he limits them as much as possible.

Before & After Photos


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Before & After Photos

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.
  • reduction_l-b41-o
    Before After
    reduction_l-b43-o reduction_l-A2
    Before After
    reduction_l-b42-o reduction_l-A3
    Before After

    Before & After Reduction: This is a 20-year-old student who was uncomfortable with her heavy breasts. She wore a 38DD bra and didn't feel comfortable in her clothes. Dr. Reath performed a breast reduction. Now she is able to be more active and find clothes that are flattering to her new figure.

  • reduction_b41 reduction_a1
    Before After
    reduction_b42 reduction_a2
    Before After
    reduction_b43 reduction_a3
    Before After

    Before & After Breast Reduction: Here is a 23-year old woman who wore a DD bra and was having problems with neck and shoulder pain. She had not had any children. These pictures are taken 3 months after her breast reduction surgery. She tells us she is much more active and the pain in her neck and shoulders has magically disappeared!

    Above photographs are actual patients of Dr. Reath's who have given consent for the use of their photographs for this website.

  • reduction_a3_(1) reduction_11619_front_(1)
    Before After
    reduction_11619_34_(1) reduction_11619_34_(3)
    Before After
    reduction_11619_side_(3) reduction_11619_side_(2)(1)
    Before After

    Before & After Breast Reduction: Here is a 33-year-old who is 5'6" and weighs 170 pounds. She came to us explaining that her large breasts were interfering with her work, causing neck pain and preventing her from exercising properly. She told us that she had always had large breasts with her right side larger than her left. She wanted to go from a DDplus down to the C-cup range. Dr. Reath performed a breast reduction and she now has complete relief of her neck and back pain and is much more physically active. The photographs are taken three months after her surgery and the redness on her incision area will continue to fade over the next year.

One thing that nearly everyone asks is how much breast reductions cost, so we include our surgery prices right here on our website. Amazing, right? Here’s what you’ll want to know:

Breast Reduction Pricing

The cost of a Breast Reduction with Dr. Reath includes both surgical and anesthesia fees, post-surgical bra, our exclusive recovery kit and all follow-up visits. There is a separate bill from the pathologist’s office that you will receive after your surgery. We have negotiated a special rate for our patients of $212.78. We’ll explain all during your consultation.

Cash Discount:Great news! We offer a 5% discount for our patients who would like to pay with cash or check instead of using a credit card or financing.

Procedure Cost Cash Price
Breast Reduction $7,243 $6,881

David B. Reath, MD

Board-certified plastic surgeon David B. Reath, MD is renowned for his surgical skills and his commitment to public education. Practicing in Knoxville, Tennessee since 1986, his personal approach with patients is what truly sets him apart.

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The Operation

Most breast reductions are performed on an outpatient basis. The operation takes between 3 and 4 hours and you’ll be able to go home in the care of your family after you’ve recovered from the anesthesia. Many women ask us if a separate breast lift procedure is needed after the breast reduction and the answer to that is no. A breast lift is actually part of the breast reduction surgery.


Helping our patients manage a speedy recovery is one of our primary missions. This is a very well tolerated operation by most women. Generally, your neck and back may feel better the night after your surgery, than they did prior to your operation. Most women are up and about the day after surgery and generally take between 2 and 3 weeks off from work.
Breast Reduction
Recovery Products
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Our Surgical Recovery Kits are a great personal touch. Patients tell us that the recovery kits we include with their surgeries are an area that really sets us apart. Each recovery kit contains items hand-picked to make your recovery faster and more pleasant. People who have had surgery with other doctors are amazed that we include these kits at no charge for all of our surgery patients.

New. We now include medical-grade silicone shapes (which are medically proven to aid in healing and reduce the appearance of scars) in all of our breast reduction recovery kits. (an $80 value)
Not our patient? No problem.

We have lovingly put together a kit of everything you’ll need during your breast reduction recovery specifically for patients of other plastic surgeons. You’ll appreciate the extra post-surgical binder because you won’t be feeling like doing much laundry. Even better, the price of the kit is much less than if you bought each item separately. Just visit our online store.

Great Resources for Your Research

  • So you can be better prepared for your consultation, we have prepared a list of important plastic surgery questions you will want to ask your doctor before you have your surgery. If your consultation is with Dr. Reath, please feel free to print this out and he will be happy to go over everything with you during your visit. Top Ten Questions to Ask your Plastic Surgeon
  • Even though the majority of cosmetic surgery patients are pleased with their results, the decision to have a procedure is a big one. It is normal to have questions, and it’s important to answer them honestly. In the end, you want to be completely comfortable with your decision. So, are you clear about your motivations for surgery? Are your expectations realistic? Test yourself by answering these important questions. How to Know if You Are  Ready for Plastic Surgery.

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