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Implant Removal & Replacement

Many women who have implants will at some point in their lives want to have them replaced or changed in some way, and some may wish to have them removed. There are various reasons for this.

To revise the size

In spite of our best efforts to choose the proper size implants for our patients, some may find that after they have had them in place for a period of time (months or years) that they wish to be larger, and sometimes smaller. Along with this, what women may want in terms of their breast size can change over time. Some women may find that what seemed great earlier in their lives now just doesn’t fit their image any more.

Life happens

Women’s bodies change a lot over their lifetime. These variations can happen due to gravity, pregnancies, changes in fitness, or menopause and hormonal shifts over time. All this affects both the size and/or the shape of the breasts, even in women who don’t have breast implants.

Weight training

Fitness is a factor as well. I have seen many women who take up bodybuilding or high levels of resistance workouts after their breast augmentation. Sometimes this is weight work or something like Cross Fit. If they have breast implants placed beneath the muscle, they can become concerned with how the increased use of their chest muscles affects how the breasts contract when they are working out. Frequently these women may wish to change the size or position of the implants, now placing them on top of the muscles rather than beneath.

How the implants feel has changed

Women who have had implants for a long period of time may have a build-up of scar tissue and want to have this removed and the implants replaced. There are also women who have saline implants and wish to have these switched to silicone implants.


Implant Removal Options:

Breast explant surgery

In some women, implants can simply be removed. This can be straightforward and require nothing more than opening the incision and taking out the implant.

Implant and capsule removal

Sometimes there can be a significant capsule (the scar tissue around the implant) that must be removed as well. This is more surgically complex than just taking out the implants.

Implant removal and breast lift

If there has been some significant sagging over time, or just relaxation of the breast tissue, a simple removal may not give the best shape. In these cases, Dr. Reath or Dr. Walker may elect to perform a breast lift at the same time. The only caveat here is that if there is very little breast tissue, even with a lift, a good shape may not be able to be achieved.

Breast Implant Removal Pricing

One thing that nearly everyone asks is how much their surgery will cost, so we include our surgery prices right here on our website. Amazing, right? Here’s what you’ll want to know:

The cost of breast implant removal surgery with Dr. Reath or Dr. Walker includes the surgical suite and anesthesia fees, a post-surgical bra, our exclusive recovery kit, and all follow-up visits.

Great news! For our patients who would like to pay with a check or wire transfer instead of a credit card or financing, we offer a discount.

Breast Implant Removal Cost Cash Price
Straightforward Breast Explant $2,959 $2,871
Implant and Capsule Removal $4,509 $4,349
Implant Removal and Breast Lift $7,561 $7,296


Implant Replacement Options:

Implant removal and replacement

Women who are concerned about their present size, wishing to be smaller or larger, who do not have sagging or significant relaxation of their breasts, can be a candidate to simply have their existing implants removed and new ones placed. The options here are to change the size one way or another (larger or smaller), change from saline to silicone implants (or vice versa), or to change the position of the implants relative to the chest muscle (moving from over to under, or under to over).

Implant removal and replacement with a breast lift

The most common operation Dr. Reath or Dr. Walker will do for women who have had implants in for a long time, particularly those who have had children and breast fed since their original surgery, is to replace the implants and perform a breast lift. In most cases, both implant replacement and breast lifting can be done in one single operation. The only catch here is that there is a bit higher chance of having to do a slight revision later on if he does both at the same time. However, for most women this is not necessary and thus they have a single surgery. There are, however, a few case where he will suggest doing this in two operations due to the complexity of what needs to be done.

Breast Implant Removal and Replacement Pricing

The cost of breast implant removal and replacement surgery with Dr. Reath or Dr. Walker includes the surgical suite and anesthesia fees, post-surgical bra, our exclusive recovery kit and all follow-up visits. The price varies depending on which implants you choose: Saline, Silicone, or the new SoftTouch Silicone.


Remove and Replace Pricing Saline Implants Silicone Implants SoftTouch Silicone
Straightforward Remove and Replace $5,694 $6,429 $6,954
Remove and Replace with Breast Lift $8,851 $9,586 $10,086
Remove and Replace with Extended Breast Lift $8,769 $9,9769 $10,269

Your Breast Implant Choices

A few of the breast implants our surgeons use are filled with a saline solution (saltwater) and can be placed either over or under the chest muscle wall. However, 98% of our patients are choosing silicone breast implants which have a much more natural feel to them and are among the most studied devices in medical history.

You can read more about silicone implants and the new SoftTouch highly cohesive gel implants (gummy bear breast implants) on the silicone breast implant page.

Dr. Reath & Dr. Walker

David B. Reath, MD is renowned for his surgical skills and his commitment to public education. Practicing in Knoxville, Tennessee since 1986, his personal approach with patients is what truly sets him apart. He is proud to welcome Jessica V. Walker, MD to the practice.

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It is extremely helpful, for women who have implants and are wanting to have them replaced, to know the size of the implants they currently have. Most women have been given a card with the implants’ style number and size at the time of their surgery. This information allows any surgeon to know what the patient has in place. This information can also frequently be obtained from the records of the original surgeon.

Unfortunately, if the original surgery was done a significant time ago, the original surgeon may no longer be in practice, or the records may be been destroyed (which it is legal to do after seven years). It’s always a bit more of a challenge when we don’t know what size and type of implants the patient has.

For patients who have saline implants and do not know what size they are, and for whom we can not get the records, implants can be deflated in the office prior to surgery. This can be helpful in determining what size implant to use for the replacement surgery.

Breast Augmentation Recovery Kits

Our Surgical Recovery Kits are a great personal touch. Patients tell us that the recovery kits we include with their surgeries are an area that really sets us apart. Each recovery kit contains items hand-picked to make your recovery faster and more pleasant. We put together everything you’ll need after surgery so you don’t have to. People who have had surgery with other doctors are amazed that we include these kits at no charge for all of our surgery patients.

New! We now include medical-grade silicone shapes (which are medically proven to aid in healing and reduce the appearance of scars) in all of our breast augmentation recovery kits.

Not our patient? No problem! We’ll be happy to send you your very own recovery kit to make recovering so much easier. Just visit our new online store.

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