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As the years fly by it can be a real shock to find that our outward appearance just does not match how young we feel inside. If you are like many of our patients, you probably have a set picture in your mind of how you look. Maybe it’s from your wedding photo, one with the kids or a just great shot of you when you were younger.

You don’t feel like you have changed that much at all, but you catch a glimpse of yourself in a picture taken recently and think, “This just can’t be me.”

These are universal feelings that just about everyone has to one degree or another. Social media, Skype and face time just serve as a constant reminder. Bonnie Raitt expressed it perfectly in her great song Nick of Time “No matter how you tell yourself it’s what we all go through, those lines are pretty hard to take when they’re staring back at you.”

There is good news. Today’s facial rejuvenation surgeries can restore your own youthful appearance and be a real boost to how you look and, more importantly, how you feel.

Facelifts, in the past, have gotten a bad rap. A big fear that many people have when considering facial rejuvenation surgery is that they will have a stretched, “overdone” look and everyone will know. The fact is that well-done facial cosmetic surgery results you looking like yourself…only younger and more refreshed. Dr. Reath always points out that for every bad facelift you might be aware of, there are exponentially more well-done facelifts you just don’t recognize. They look great, natural and youthful, but you’d never know they had anything done.

A very important thing to keep in mind when considering any kind of facial plastic surgery is that one size does not fit all. A facelift, browlift, necklift or eyelid surgery are the most personalized cosmetic procedures a plastic surgeon will perform. You want a surgeon with a refined aesthetic sense who will modify his (or her) technique to fit your face rather than the other way around. If you’ve seen national companies advertising branded facelifting procedures and wondered if they are too good to be true, take it from the experts…they are.

You may be interested to hear that facelifts are actually the fastest growing procedure that Dr. Reath performs. Part of it is that baby boomers are more active than previous generations and want their outward appearance to reflect their healthy lifestyle. Our patients in Knoxville are realizing that although Botox and wrinkle fillers are wonderful, they can only do so much. This seems to reflect the national trend of a dramatic increase in the number of facelifts performed.

Here’s where to start:

The pages on our website are chocked full of information that will be helpful to you as you do your research. You’ll find procedure prices and scores of before and after photos. We even have a free eBook you can download on recovering from plastic surgery written by our office staff. As you scroll through the pages and find that you have a question, look for the links to “Ask Dr. Reath”. Your question will go directly to his inbox and he’ll personally respond to you as soon as he can.
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