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Neck Treatments

There are two different surgical techniques that surgically reshape your neck to correct a double chin and the dreaded tech neck. Which of these techniques is right for you depends on two things.

  1. Do you have any excess skin?
  2. Do you have loose neck muscles that cause a “turkey waddle” appearance?

If the answer to both of these questions is no and your skin is still elastic, then liposuction of the neck is a great option for you. If, on the other hand, you have excess skin and a loose platysma (neck muscle), liposuction without skin excision is not your best choice. In fact, liposuction alone would make it look like you have even more excess skin. You are a candidate for a facelift instead.

Neck Liposuction

Most candidates for liposuction of the neck are relatively young and have hereditary deposits of fat in their neck and under their jaw that make them appear heavier than they really are. If you have good skin elasticity then it’s likely you would have good skin retraction and an excellent contour with liposuction alone.

Surprise. It’s a facelift that actually treats the neck.

Some patients with saggy jowls that descend into the neck area are surprised to hear that what they actually need to correct their area of concern is a facelift, rather than a neck lift. That’s because the jowl area along the jawline is lifted during a facelift, and not during a neck lift.

Here’s an exercise you can do. Look at yourself in the mirror. Put two fingers just below your cheekbone and push the skin directly upward. Look at the change in your jaw line and along the nasolabial folds. If that’s the improvement you want, you won’t be happy with just a neck lift.

During a facelift, the excess skin and fat of the neck are removed and the loose platysma neck muscles are re-contoured. Some people refer to these muscles as neck bands. Removing the skin and fat while repairing these muscles produces the youthful pleasing look to your neck and under-jaw area that most patients have in mind.

Procedure Pricing

One thing that nearly everyone asks is how much neck treatments cost, so we include our surgery prices right here on our website. Amazing, right? Here’s what you’ll want to know:

The surgery prices listed include both surgical and anesthesia fees, our exclusive recovery kit, and all follow-up visits.

Great news. We offer a discount if you would like to pay with a wire transfer or check instead of using a credit card or financing.

Cost Cash Price
Neck Liposuction $2,800 $2,720
Facelift $11,320 $10,920

Dr. Reath & Dr. Walker

David B. Reath, MD is renowned for his surgical skills and his commitment to public education. Practicing in Knoxville, Tennessee since 1986, his personal approach with patients is what truly sets him apart. He is proud to welcome Jessica V. Walker, MD to the practice.

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