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Chemical Peels

Appealing New Chemical Peels

A spotless, flawless complexion is lying just beneath the surface of your skin. Casting off dull, discolored skin cells reveals smoother skin that’s both more radiant and receptive to topical skin care products.


Rather than just treating the superficial layers of the skin like peels of the past, these new chemical peels penetrate to the dermis, rejuvenating the skin from the inside. Chirally-corrected active ingredients help to remodel the skin for less downtime and more visible results.

If you need a jump-start, chemical peels can be boosted and layered for powerful results never before possible. They can be blended and customized for every skin type, including Rosacea and Melasma. Some peels are best in a series and others are designed to stand alone.

The results from a chemical peel are dependent both on the concentration of active ingredients and the amount of time they are in contact with the skin.

Good to know: Despite the name, your skin doesn’t actually have to peel in order to get a good result from a chemical peel.

Menu of Skin Care Services: RealPeels

Skin Lightening RealPeel
This is a powerful one-two punch to treat Melasma (dark hormonal patches on the skin) and hyperpigmentation from too much time in the sun.

The first step is the medical-grade skin-lightening mask that is compounded on the day of your procedure to ensure it is fresh and ready-to-go. The next step is your at-home regimen of skin care products. It is essential to use these as instructed if you want to get a result like our patients have in the pictures.

Good to know: You leave our office with the RealPeel mask on your face, and wear it for eight to ten hours. It’s bright white, so you’ll want to schedule your peel a time when you won’t have to be out in public! There is some recovery time, so you will want to have your peel done when you can take a few days to recover and stay out of the sun. We’ll explain more when you come in for your consultation.

RealPeel Price
Skin Lightening RealPeel $800


(One of our RealPeel skin care patients.)

Baby Steps: The Mini-RealPeel
The Mini-RealPeel is an option if you want a skin lightening peel without the downtime of the full-strength Skin Lightening RealPeel. You should expect to have a series of treatments to achieve comparable results to the Skin Lightening RealPeel. Still, some lucky people like our patient below receive amazing results after just one. The Mini-RealPeel is an excellent introduction to chemical peels because it is a Hydroquinone-free and brightens your skin with less redness and peeling. It also comes with a skin care take-home kit.

RealPeel Price
Mini-RealPeel $350 each


(One of our Mini-RealPeel skin care patients.)

Menu of Skin Care Services: Societe Peels

Transition Peel
Acne-prone, sun-damaged and aging skin types rejoice! The Transition Peel is the answer to your prayers. Unique because it is customized with boosting agents per condition, the Transition Peel is formulated with two different peeling agents that attribute to collagen production. Two peptides discovered in a National Institute of Health Study add to its effectiveness. The Transition Peel is excellent for acne-prone, sun-damaged, and aging skin types. A series of 4-8 chemical peels are recommended.

Transition Peel Price
Transition Peel $125
Series of 4 Peels $400

Yes, we do dermaplaning! Lots of people have been asking because it is quite rare to find an aesthetician who can do this treatment well. A dermaplane treatment serves two purposes. It exfoliates the skin in preparation for a chemical peel and removes any “peach fuzz” on your face. Removing this hair along with your dry, dead skin cells results in a much smoother palette for your makeup and increases the penetration of your peel of choice.

Peel Price
Dermaplane $65 add-on to any treatment

Trinity: Our Very Own “Red Carpet” Treatment

The Trinity is becoming a popular treatment in our office because it combines three of our best skin care procedures. This is some serious skin care. In a one-hour appointment, you’ll have a Diamond Glow treatment, some Laser Genesis and a light chemical peel.

Lasers vs. Chemical Peels vs. Diamond Glow

All of these treatments focus on regenerating the skin and improving texture, fine lines and wrinkles, but the way each works is different. Some of the best results happen when these treatments are combined.

  • Laser procedures have a fixed and targeted area of penetration. The results are determined by the number of passes performed.
  • The penetration and results from a chemical peel is dependent both on the concentration of active ingredients and the amount of time they are in contact with the skin.
  • Diamond Glow is a physical exfoliation of the top layers of the skin, followed by a deep infusion of prescription-strength topicals.

Which of the three options is best for you depends on your skin care goals and your budget. We’ll be happy to walk you through all of your choices during your free skin care consultation. All of our skin care procedures include photographs with our new Reveal Camera so you can document your progress!

Not Quite Ready for a Peel? Try a Facial!

Personalized Prescription Facial
All facials include deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, steam and a specialized mask designed for your skin type. High frequency and extractions are available for patients with specific skin conditions as needed.

Teen Facial
There is never a better time than the present to start a customized skin care program. Prevention and education are the keys to a lifetime of great skin. This facial is one part procedure, the other part beginner skin care lesson.

Facial Price
Personal Prescription Facial $95
Package of 6 $450
Teen Facial $75

Did you Know? Christy has developed quite a following for her artistic brow design and shaping. So if you are here for other skin care procedures, you’ll want to get your brows waxed at the same time.

Questions? Too many options? We know! While it’s a good problem to have, sorting through the many chemical peels our office offers can be confusing. We recommend asking Licensed Aesthetician Christy Ledford for help to pick the right one based on your skin type, budget and recovery restrictions. After all, it’s your personal approach to personal change.

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Meet Christy Ledford, Licensed Aesthetician

Wondering what you need to do to get great skin? Then you’ll want to meet Christy Ledford, our talented Medical Aesthetician and Skincare Specialist.Christy Ledford Licensed Aesthetician Knoxville

If you haven’t met Christy yet, you are in for a real treat. It took us a while to find her, but boy did we make the right choice. Charming, professional and kind, Christy demonstrates a sincere interest in the well-being of our patients and the overall results of their treatments. She is a favorite of patients and staff alike.

Her 14 years of experience as a Licensed Aesthetician have given Christy an extensive understanding of medical-grade skin care products and procedures.

Helping patients design their perfect, personalized skincare plan is Christy’s specialty. She has a talent for finding just the right mix of treatments to achieve great results. Her extensive knowledge in combating aging, hyperpigmentation, redness and acne is what sets her apart.

Dr. Reath and Dr. Walker are true believers in aesthetic skin care and the impact it can have on our surgical procedures. Together, Christy, Dr. Reath, and Dr. Walker stay up to date on the newest technologies and ingredients to give the best results to our patients. Whatever your unique concerns, skin type and budget, you’ll love your time with Christy almost as much as you’ll love your results.

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