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La Bella Donna Mineral Makeup

labella donna mineral makeup

Looking Good is Now Good For Your Skin

At a Plastic Surgeon’s office, we are frequently asked questions like “Is there a makeup that is strong enough to cover redness and bruising after surgery, yet gentle enough for sensitive skin, that looks natural but is easy to apply?” So we went on a quest to find a line of mineral makeup that is still pure minerals, withoallure best of beautyut additives or fillers.

Our staff tried everything out there and came to a unanimous decision, which almost never happens. La Bella Donna is our new line of mineral makeup and our patients and staff are loving it. La Bella Donna Mineral Makeup is available on our online store. You’ll see the difference in their mineral foundations, immediately and understand why their “Baci Baci” Lip Gloss is an Allure Magazine “Best of Beauty” award-winner. We have the testers in our office. Medical Grade
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What makes La Bella Donna mineral makeup so great?

The foundation coverage is incredible, natural looking and it really stays on all day. The minerals reflect light, making skin flaws less noticeable. The difference is most obvious when you wash your face at night, the makeup is so good, it doesn’t wear off during the day. It is classified as mineral makeup because it contains only concentrated mineral pigments with no added fillers or oils (like the talc and mineral oil you see in other makeups). There are no chemical dyes or preservatives, and the inert minerals do not support bacteria growth. So it won’t make you break out and there is virtually no allergy risk. The makeup is actually absorbed into your skin as it warms, resulting in a silky feel and superb coverage. And it stays on during exercise. Because it is a concentrated pigment, a little goes a long way. You can vary the amount of coverage by applying the makeup in layers. If you want more coverage, just apply over the areas you need it and you are good to go. It saves so much time in the morning!

How do I get the right match for my skin tone and type?

You’re invited to come by our office and play with the testers. Even better, call Licensed Aesthetician Christy Ledford at 865-450-9417 to set up an appointment. She’ll even match your shade and apply your mineral makeup after your next skin care procedure if you wish. If you have not used mineral makeup before, you may want her expertise in choosing the right color and applying it correctly.

La Bella Donna In the News

Besides winning the Allure Magazine Best of Beauty Award, La Bella Donna has become somewhat of a media darling. It has been featured in many magazines, including these:

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Note: Until recently, we were big fans of ColoreScience Mineral Makeup. However their products began to change after the company was sold. Patients that had been using it for years started to have reactions and the colors and primers were different. We still have a small supply of Colorescience foundations in our office store, but will be discontinuing them when we run out. We will still be carrying their flagship product Sunforgettable Sunscreen which hasn’t changed, thank goodness. It is Dr. Reath’s favorite.

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