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We are constantly on the lookout for cool new stuff…..products and procedures that actually work for our patients. Here are some of the latest fun skin care products we have in our office. All products are also available through our online store.

We are thrilled to announce that we’re now carrying SkinMedica, Allergan’s superb skin care line formulated from the latest advances in biotechnology. SkinMedica is the best-selling line of medical-grade skin care products in the U.S. and now that we’ve been using it ourselves, we understand why.

TNS (Tissue Nutrient Solution) is the patented result of years of scientific scrutiny. Over 11 clinical studies have been conducted looking at TNS Essential Serum with results showcasing its pivotal role in maintaining firmness and elasticity in the skin. It’s official: daily use of skin care products containing these growth factors reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and improve skin tone and texture.

Allergan, the manufacturer of Botox and Juvederm, acquired the line precisely because their pharmaceutical research standards were aligned with their own determination to develop new cutting edge products. Allergan is notable for dedicating more money than most companies on research, but as Dr. Reath will tell you, “That’s why they have such great products.”

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Third Annual Skin Care Hall of Fame Winners

Get ready for everyone’s favorite Your Beauty Magazine Feature. After much sampling, discussion and Kleenex, we’ve made our selections. Some are new and others stand the test of time. It wasn’t easy but, drum roll please, here they are:

Skin Care Hall of Fame

Our Most Popular Skin Care Product Ever: Eye Doctor

We have never had a skin care product that inspires as much passion from our patients and staff as Results Rx Eye Doctor. When you put a drop on your finger, you can actually see it double in size. This is how it plumps the damaged, thinning skin around the eyes. It’s been our best -selling product for years. And Elle Magazine agrees. Eye Doctor won their Green Star Award for Best Eye Cream.

Eye Doctor $125


O.M.G. All-in-One Retexturizing Cream (Oh My Gloss)

When Gloss Cream was featured in Allure Magazine Allure’s skin care editor pointed out “We’re seeing more evidence-backed skin care formulations and far less hype in a jar.” Gloss Treatment for Facial Aging

What makes this product special is that even our patients with the most sensitive skin can use it! This one is a bit hard to explain so please bear with us. Some of the active ingredients are clinically effective but can be scary and harsh- like exfoliating acids and retinoids. The rest are antioxidants we know and love- Vitamin C, E and Ferulic acid, easily tolerated by most, but can irritate our sensitive folks. Because the active ingredients in the O.M.G. Cream go through an esterification process which is supposed to make them able to penetrate deep into the skin quickly without irritation. We read all the scientific literature and clinical studies, with long chemical chains, demonstrating the process, but still. Could it really make such a difference? Yes. We are now believers.

OMG Gloss Retexturizing Cream $150

(Packaged with a trial-size of Rich Moisture.)


Intense Firming Complex

buy Intense firming complexIt’s been about six years since we received this new anti-wrinkle serum to test in our office, and it’s been a a staff and patient favorite ever since.

Here is what the first patient we tried it on had to say, “I may have to sell some plasma…but that stuff is so good I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t of tried it. I kept looking in my mirror as I was driving and thinking, “WOW!” Finally, I thought, “Okay Snow White’s Stepmother, you’re going to have a wreck if you don’t pay attention to the road.” Results are immediate, well….five minutes. People are getting into their cars and calling us from their cell phones in disbelief. They are saying that their skin looks noticeably firmer and the wrinkles around their eyes are gone. This is the kind of product that makes our job so much fun! One patient actually accused us of holding out on her, until we told her we only had one bottle to use… for the seven of us. We had six come in yesterday…gone. Twelve more arrived today. Almost gone. We are going to need to stock up because none of the staff will share! The Intense Firming Complex is designed to work with Societe Skin Hydrating Complex, which is also brand new. Needless to say we are going to be carrying both the Intense Firming Complex (and it’s sister product-Skin Hydrating Complex).

Intense Firming Complex $120
Skin Hydration Complex $48



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