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Skin Care For Guys

Here are the skin care products that Dr. Reath recommends specifically for men:

Colorescience Sunforgettable Sunscreen- Men, this high tech sunscreen was created with you in mind. This is the first SPF 50 broad-spectrum sunscreen that gives you all the protection without any of the aggravation of traditional sunscreens. Because it is a perfectly clear mineral powder it won’t run into your eyes while you are playing sports, make you break out or leave you looking and feeling greasy.

The active ingredients are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide in a mineral form packaged in an applicator easy to slip in your golf or gym bag. The convenient retractable brush makes it easy to apply anywhere you need it. Dr. Reath uses it every morning, and takes it with him to the boathouse when he rows. Its breakthrough formula along with the cool applicator has made it a media and celebrity favorite. The fair color goes on clear.  

ColoreScience Mineral Sunscreen $60
Mineral Sunscreen Refills $23

Clarisonic Smart PRO In a recent study, the majority of men reported a closer shave when the Clarisonic Smart Pro was used to apply their shaving lubricant. Guys are hard to buy for and what could be cooler than using a power tool in the bathroom! Just don’t buy it in pink.

Clarisonic Smart PRO $265

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